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Hargrave is the number one builder of custom luxury yachts in the 70’-135’ size range and we achieved that status by combining outstanding quality that was still competitive with high end production built yachts. Our owners tell us that before making their final decision they took the time to carefully study the specifications, pricing, quality, service, and resale of our competitors and Hargrave power yachts consistently ranked as the best deal on the table every time.

As you click your way through this web site you will see just several of the magnificent high quality Hargrave luxury yachts for sale we have created in partnership with our owners. Perhaps you have seen some these custom built Hargrave yachts on the covers of leading boating magazines or perhaps you have seen them cruise by on their way to exciting new destinations with their owners and family aboard. From Maine to Miami, from Mexico to Alaska you will now see Hargraves moored in every major yachting center in the world.

As you look through the variety of sizes and styles of used yachts for sale posted on this web site you will quickly recognize that every Hargrave is different. Some had only layout changes from a previous yacht an owner admired while others involved all new hull shapes, new exterior styles, and complicated engineering feats like adding elevators to all three levels of the yacht.

Like all of our owners, we encourage you to shop and compare the outstanding production boats available in this country. As you begin to examine models from Westport, Lazzara, and Hatteras here in the USA as well as those offered by leading production builders like Ferretti, Azimut in Europe you will then be in a better position to understand and appreciate why custom designed and built motor yachts by Hargrave are so unique and desirable for the discerning few. Whether you want to create your own masterpiece or want to buy an existing Hargrave, you have come to the right web site where you will quickly learn why Hargrave is like no other yacht company in the world.

Our commitment to you and to your long term happiness is unparalleled in this industry where it is often just about getting you to let go of the money so they can get on to their next customer. We recognize that every single owner has worked hard for their entire life to get to the point where they can afford this once in a lifetime experience and our job is to match their effort in order to deliver the dream experience each and every one of you were hoping for when you started your quest for a new boat. Most of our competitors are just building boats to make money; here at Hargrave we are building dreams. Your dreams!

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